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A New Paradigm in Flight Training

  • Better, faster, cheaper.
  • TakeFlight Interactive is combining the power of game design, AI, and data analytics into a Virtual Flight Instructor. This enables pilots to master flight maneuvers on their own, before stepping into the cockpit. We are creating better pilots, in less time, at greatly reduced cost.
TakeFlight Academy
The New Paradigm

We’ve all heard that airplanes make terrible classrooms. TakeFlight's virtual instructor allows pilots to learn the fundamentals on the ground, making valuable flight time more effective. TakeFlight Academy allows you to learn on the sim, practice on the sim, then quickly validate in the airplane. This enables the aircraft to be used for more advanced training, making better pilots in less time.

TakeFlight provides more skill acquisition per hour with repeatable, focused lessons, that are more accessible and cost-effective than training in the aircraft alone. And the approachable, fun and engaging format makes it ideal for aviation education and outreach programs.

  • Brief it!
  • All the information you need to get started is right here. Our pre-maneuver briefings provide theory and practical descriptions of what you're expected to know.
  • Written in an understandable, step-by-step way, anyone can learn to fly.
  • Learn it!
  • Our curriculum starts with the fundamentals and each lesson builds on the last. You'll be trained and evaluated in each lesson, and given opportunities to show your prowess in challenging scenarios.
  • Like being in the plane with a real instructor, our virtual instructor coaches you through maneuvers, providing instruction and feedback right into your headset.
  • Score it!
  • Objective scoring based on FAA ACS standards allows for self-evaluation and shows exactly where you where you need to improve.
  • The ability to practice maneuvers at high-repetition, paired with detailed feedback and performance analysis, makes for highly effective, safe, and economical training.
  • Repeat!
  • You'll have an on-sim curriculum showing every step, including your past performance and what to do next. Each lesson in our ever-growing library contains multiple scenarios to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the material.
  • Progress is stored on the cloud, so you can practice at home or at the flight school and pick up where you left off.
We are proud to be improving aviation education and training through work with our partners:

Experimental Aircraft Association

"master flight maneuvers on your own, before stepping into the cockpit"

Museum of Flight

"while the flying is virtual, the learning, excitement, and sense of accomplishment are real"

Rainier Flight Services

"develop proficiency in the aircraft with less time"

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