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Revolutionizing flight training through engaging, interactive simulation.

Our products add interactive elements to traditional simulation, such as real-time feedback and objective scoring. We leverage the science of game design to drive engagement and reduce time to mastery.

Interactive simulation represents a new paradigm in training, one that connects us with the next generation of aviators. We can create better pilots, in less time, at dramatically reduced cost.

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TakeFlight Academy is a simulation-integrated curriculum and cloud-based training tool.

Using interactive scenarios, students learn and practice independently in the sim, before validating those skills in the aircraft. Student pilots will approach the aircraft with more skill and confidence than ever. TakeFlight Academy also enables the use of valuable aircraft time to gain real-world flying experience, rather than wasting time on repetitive flights to the practice area.

Student Pilot
  • For Students & Pilots
  • Save money by building skills and maintaining proficiency in the simulator.
  • Track your progress and control your pace of training.
  • Access your library of training content from anywhere.
Instructor Pilot
  • For Flight Instructors
  • Be a mentor, not just an instructor.
  • Track student progress and view detailed reporting of progress and performance.
  • Pinpoint exactly where to focus the next time you meet.
Flight Schools
  • For Training Organizations
  • Improve your customer experience and increase retention.
  • Increase customer throughput using less infrastructure.
  • Increase aircraft & instructor scheduling efficiency.

A great simulation experience does not require expensive hardware, or an aviation expert.

Takeflight products use low-cost hardware and a simple user interface that allows anyone to get up and flying quickly. Students log-in and control the simulation through an app-like interface. Our simulation integrated curricula and interactive experiences enable independent-learning - freeing the educator from talking through each step. We have successfully engaged students grades 5-12 from all walks of life. It’s amazing to see how engaging experiential learning can be:

  • Solo Flight Academy
  • The Solo Flight Academy is a program sponsered by the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals and Alaska Airlines which allows teens with an interest in aviation to learn what it takes to become a pilot. In as little as two weeks, these teens transition from taking their first flights to flying the aircraft solo.

  • In support of the Solo Academy, TakeFlight Interactive designed and deployed training scenarios to simulate the important aspects of pre-solo training. With the aid of these training scenarios, the amount of flight hours before soloing was reduced by up to 60% below average!

  • Eagles Camp
  • While oriented toward younger children than the Solo Flight Academy, Eagles Camp is no less serious about aviation: these kids are put through realistic training scenarios. TakeFlight's scenarios are an excellent way to increase interest in aviation and STEM, while also helping to gauge aptitude before even a dollar is spent on flight time.

  • Museum of Flight Aviation Learning Center
  • TakeFlight teammembers were contracted to build and deliver scenarios for the Boeing Museum of Flight's Aviation Learning Center. Three scenarios, each one customized for three different age groups, enable kids to learn the basics of aerial navigation while flying from Boeing Field in Seattle to Paine Field in Everett.

  • TakeFlight maintains a close relationship with the Museum of Flight and shares the dream of making aviation learning accessible to all ages.

  • Tournament of Aces
  • Raisbeck Aviation High School in Seattle Washington represents the pinnacle of Aviation & STEM learning. We created a short program to teach students the finer points of landing, as well as building primary stick and rudder skills.There’s nothing like a friendly competition to drive engagement.

  • Students competed over the course of several rounds. Each student demonstrated noticable improvement throughout the course of the tournament - making a tight competition for first place!

The TakeFlight team are alumni of ACES Studio - the developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The fun of flying is what drew us to aviation - and we love sharing that experience. TakeFlight has released a variety of mission packs for Flight Simulator X which highlight different aspects of real-world flying: from rowdy agricultural flying to the sterile cockpit of a modern jetliner. Flying for fun is at our core. As Microsoft Flight Simulator alumni, our team has been making flight simulation fun and accessible for more than a decade. We create authentic aviation experiences that not only entertain, but educate and inspire.

Dovetail Flight School
  • Dovetail Flight School
  • TakeFlight Interactive designed and developed training scenarios for Dovetail Flight School. We successfully created a dynamic virtual flight instructor that provides authentic aviation training while remaining approachable to the average gamer.

  • For us, this represents the top of the training funnel. It is our hope that edutainment content like this will open-up the world of aviation to future generations of pilots.
Air Alaska
  • Air Alaska
  • TakeFlight's initial product, you take the controls in five challenging missions. Experience Flight Sim like never before. Highly interactive, authentic, and educational gameplay combine with cinematics, music, AI aircraft, and custom scenery to transport you into the world of an Alaskan bush pilot.

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Final Approach
  • Final Approach
  • Learn the basics of shooting an ILS approach in a modern airliner, then experience the challenge of 5 increasingly difficult instrument approaches and landings. Your co-pilot will handle the radios and help with the checklists, but you’re the pilot-in-command; solely responsible for the safety of your passengers.

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Farm Air
  • Farm Air
  • Put yourself in the boots of a new crop dusting pilot. You’ll be challenged to 5 increasingly difficult scenarios – and you’ll have to perform well if you want to earn the respect of your new co-workers.

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As Microsoft Flight Simulator alumni, we bring more than 35 years of collective experience building interactive flight simulation content.

Our deep understanding of game design, simulation and aviation enables us to bridge the current divide between game-based learning and real-world aviation.

Brandon Seltz

Brandon Seltz - Founder & CEO

A former Designer on Microsoft Flight Simulator and Director of Scenario Development for Redbird Flight Simulations, Brandon had become a visionary for how game-based learning can revolutionize the training industry. A long time private, RC and glider pilot, he is proof in the power of desktop simulation.

Leilehua Maly

Leilehua Maly - Co‑Founder & CTO

Leile is a pilot and architect level developer with 15 years of experience at Amazon and Microsoft, responsible for building and maintaining $13b worth of infrastructure. Leile is an expert at leveraging web, cloud and data visualization technologies to create new ways to interface with simulation and each other.

Ben Moore

Ben Moore - Co‑Founder & Technical Designer

Holding a degree in Aviation Flight Science as well as a Commercial Pilot License, Ben was a jump-pilot for skydivers in Michigan before heading out to Seattle. A technology enthusiast his entire life, Ben took to scenario design and scripting aptly and gained extensive experience before helping to found TakeFlight in 2015.

Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson - Quality Assurance

Starting with Microsoft Flight Simulator version 3.0 in 1987, Steve played important roles in every successive release, as well as in the release of numerous add-ons. Steve is an all-around flight enthusiast, hang glider pilot, private pilot, and aircraft owner - which, combined with an eye for detail, ensures flight simulation is so realistic that it can bridge the gap between entertainment and instruction.

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