Military Flight Training

TakeFlight AIVIator – AI instruction and assessment for truly immersive simulation.

Introducing AIVIator

AIVIator’s easy to use game-like interface allows pilots to train with no instructor in the loop. Our Virtual Instructor provides detailed instructions, so pilots know what to do – real-time dynamic feedback, so they know how to improve – and objective scoring that provides a break-down of their performance, so they know exactly what they’re doing well, and where they need to improve. All this data is available online for post-flight review and aggregate analysis.

Our highly repeatable training scenarios fit the “Reps & Sets” model perfectly. These short scenarios can be combined to create full sorties with the same instructions, feedback and grading.

Military Benefits

With AIVIator, instructor pilots can spend more time in the cockpit on advanced concepts. Supported by an intelligent teaching assistant, objective student performance data and analytics help pinpoint and mitigate problems, before you fly.

Moving the pipeline to the left opens enormous opportunities to attract, identify, and qualify greater numbers of more talented candidates. New pilots will show up Day 1 having already mastered the maneuvers.

For Pilots

  • Optimal aircrew preparation; be skilled and confident before climbing into the cockpit
  • Efficient, high-repetition scenarios lock in proficiency in your own style and pace
  • Overcome training plateaus with unlimited repetition to reach your full potential

For Instructors and Training Command

  • Optimize in-cockpit training to spend a greater proportion of time on advanced skills
  • Realize every trainee’s full potential; new performance insights drive mastery
  • Perfectly consistent student-centric training for any pipeline
  • Improve data-driven talent acquisition by shifting training pipelines “to the left”

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