Commercial Flight Training

TakeFlight’s AI Virtual Flight Instructor is a vital tool in overcoming the long-term structural shortage of commercial pilots and instructors.

TakeFlight Commercial Training 

TakeFlight transforms training productivity, efficiency, and consistency, while creating new avenues for outreach, identification and qualification of pilot candidates. Pilots train before arriving at the training facility, while flight instructors have access to objective training data, so they can and spend more time on higher-level skill development.

For Pilots

  • Practice at home, ace your simulator sessions
  • Refresh your skills with confidence before every qualification event
  • Prepare for new aircraft types and recurrent training, improve your metrics

For Instructors and Training Organizations

  • Increase overall productivity to reduce demand for human sim instructors
  • Ensure consistency of training and gain insights into student & instructor performance
  • Meet and exceed training metrics, improve cost, quality and safety.

TakeFlight is Seeking Commercial Partners!

We have integrated the technical advancements from our Military and Civilian products into a new Commercial Training solution. We are looking for partners to help bring these benefits in training time and costs to the commercial sector.   Contact us to learn more about how we can transform your training!

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