Civilian Flight Training

Now you haveĀ  unlimited access to powerful, effective flight training, anytime, anywhere!

Introducing TakeFlight Academy

Our unique dynamic, real-time instruction and feedback, combined with our quickly repeatable training scenarios accelerate your mastery. Gain real skills that transfer to the aircraft. Hone your skills with our detailed scoring and get powerful insights into your performance. Make every minute in the airplane more effective while saving money.

FAA Private Pilot courseware is available today.

Civilian Benefits

With AIVIator, instructor pilots can spend more time in the cockpit on advanced concepts. Supported by an intelligent teaching assistant, objective student performance data and analytics help pinpoint and mitigate problems, before you fly.

Moving the pipeline to the left opens enormous opportunities to attract, identify, and qualify greater numbers of more talented candidates. New pilots will show up Day 1 having already mastered the maneuvers.

For the aspiring pilot and sim enthusiast

  • Accelerate mastery and gain confidence in the cockpit
  • Develop, improve and validate your flying skills in record time

For instructors, flight schools, and educators

  • Improve training efficiency, consistency and completions
  • Help students overcome learning hurdles and spend more time on advanced skills
  • Educators: bring thrilling hands-on flying skills to the classroom, without the need for aviation experts

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