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T-6B Texan II Trainers in Formation - U.S. Navy photo by Ensign Antonio More

T-6B Texan II Trainers in Formation – U.S. Navy photo by Ensign Antonio More

US Navy Awards TakeFlight Interactive Prime Contract to Adapt AI Virtual Instruction for Naval Aviation Training Next

Redmond WA, September 21st, 2023 – TakeFlight Interactive, an innovator in immersive AI-based aviation training software, announced today the award of a $5.5m US Navy prime contract to extend their AIVIator Virtual Instruction platform for Naval Aviation Training Next (Project Avenger) on T-6B Virtual Reality Part Task Training Devices.

This contract award from the US Navy solidifies TakeFlight Interactive’s position as a leader in artificially intelligent training solutions. Leveraging its expertise in interactive learning, extended reality (XR), and simulation, the company will extend its state-of-the-art training platform to develop additional interactive training for the T-6B. The goal is to increase the quality and efficiency of training and enhance the readiness and capabilities of Naval aviators. AIVIator is built upon the successful civilian training product TakeFlight Academy, which is in use at major universities, flight schools, youth aviation programs, and by pilots worldwide.

“We are honored to have been selected by the US Navy to deploy our innovative technology,” said Brandon Seltz, CEO of TakeFlight Interactive. “After an extended trial, this selection shows that our interactive, self-directed training solutions meet the exacting needs of our armed

forces. The award represents a transformative moment, not only for TakeFlight, but for the entire training industry — pilots can now train via unlimited reps and sets, without the need for an Instructor Pilot present. In addition, comprehensive data capture and analytics will enable new insights into the training process.”

TakeFlight has also delivered an enterprise-level subcontract to Advanced Simulation Technology Inc. (ASTi) to integrate their Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC (SERA) technology with AIVIator. Together these will provide Naval aviators with both realistic AI instruction and dynamic ATC to simulate complex multi-aircraft environments. Combining SERA and TakeFlight’s AI-based virtual instructor adds a new level of immersion, enhancing a Navy pilot’s ability to train independently and attain mastery at their own pace.

About ASTi’s SERA

SERA, ASTi’s leading simulated air traffic control environment (SATCE) system, fully complies with the latest industry requirements for SATCE solutions. This innovative technology eliminates the need for an instructor to role-play air traffic control and ensures consistent phraseology for ATC and all other radio calls. To learn more about SERA, go to

About TakeFlight Interactive

TakeFlight Interactive is a leading provider of immersive AI-based flight training software. Using a unique combination of game design, AI and data analytics, they deliver high-quality, fully-interactive, self-guided training. The company’s technical expertise in AI-based flight instruction, combined with an exceptional track record of professionalism, positions TakeFlight Interactive as an ideal partner in the development of advanced training solutions for general, commercial and military aviation. For more information about TakeFlight Interactive, please visit

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